Quality Policy

From the Past to the Future


  • NEWPOWER operates according to international standards. It has OHSAS, TS EN, CE certificates, especially ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
  • OUR QUALITY POLICY The quality policy of our company is based on product quality, customer satisfaction, technology monitoring, training and team spirit, continuous development, ethics and environmental sensitivity. Our company applies this quality understanding diligently and continuously in all kinds of production and service works.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: It is adopted as a principle for all our units and employees that our products are in compliance with national and world standards and are safe.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We act carefully and carefully at every step with the awareness that our cooperation with customers whom we cannot satisfy with our products and services and whose needs we cannot meet will not be continuous.
  • TECHNOLOGY MONITORING: We monitor all kinds of technological developments and adapt to our work in order for our products and services to continue at world standards.
  • TRAINING AND TEAM SPIRIT: Team understanding and training are kept at the forefront at all levels, we operate in synergy, influence, support and solidarity between units and individuals. Dec.1000-1000-2000-2000-2000-2000-2000-2000.
  • CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT: With the awareness that stagnation in development is synonymous with decline, we continue to develop by adapting our service understanding and production goals to changing conditions and technology, while at the same time renewing the corporate structure.
  • ETHICS AND ENVIRONMENT: We are determined to continue our production, management and marketing activities by protecting ethical values and paying attention to social and environmental sensitivity in all our activities.